Host an EA/TEF "Sharing Time" at school, just like Castalia!

Here are a few ideas, pick what might work for you and your child :

  1. READ: "An EA/TEF(OA/TOF) Story Inside and Out" with the class.
  2. ​SHARE: Talk about Esophageal Atresia and what it means for your family.
  3. VISUALS: Bring photos or keepsakes from your hospital stays
  4. EXPERIMENT: Bring some glitter and try out the "Glitter Effect" together.
  5. CRAFT: Make official EA/TEF awareness pins the whole class can proudly wear. Bring some safety pins and simply attach a periwinkle colored ribbon or pipe cleaners (or simply print ribbons online) 
  6. BAKE: This would depend on feeding limitations of the child and the class but there are lots of tutorials on pinterest to make (periwinkle) ribbon shaped cookies. 
  7. COLORING SHEET: You can find one here.

Don't forget to send us picture documenting your Sharing Time fun, Castalia would love to see it! Let us know if we could share these on this page as well and build a collection of Sharing Times, bringing awareness one page at the time!"