By Elizabeth Rinfrette
Apr 7, 2015
I am the mother of a 5 year old daughter, born with EA. She will start school this September and is excited to bring this book to share. Ashlynn was beaming from ear to ear and felt so special as I read this book to her. It is written in such a positive perspective from a child's point of view along with amazing facts about EA/TEF that make this book a great and informative read for adults as well!
By Katina Ferguson
Apr 5, 2015
My son saw the book in my room, while he waited for me to finish ironing his school clothes. The Manga art drew him in, so he picked up the book. Then when he read more and discovered the condition of the character revealed, he was like "Wha???" and kept reading because he was shocked and curious all at once. A couple of days later, my 6-year-old daughter picked up the book and read it on her own as well. The book is well made, well written, and the illustrations perfect complements to story. Excellent book!
By Danielle Wahab
Apr 1, 2015
This is a wonderful book. Is is well written, beautifully illustrated, with such an inspiring story. I found it to be very informative; yet, clear and simple in its approach and therefore suitable for both adults and children. With its light and positive style, I can easily imagine the comfort and hope it will bring to families going through similar challenges. This book carries a powerful message and would be a great addition to any public, hospital or personal library. It is my hope that sensitizing the public to this particular condition, will make people's more accepting and supportive of all other conditions.
By Patty Scanlon
Apr 1, 2015
I LOVE this book! My daughter is turning 7 and she struggles with how much and how to tell people about EA. This book provides the perfect amount of knowledge in a kid friendly way. Over her life I always hear that she "looks so normal." This book beautifully explains how her insides are not the normal. Not only is this going to be a great book for her to bring to school to share it will be good for all we know to read! So excited about this book!!!
By ami hays
Mar 25, 2015
This book is easy to follow and has a great approach on how to help your child understand EA\TEF. This book is a great way to make my daughter comfortable to share and help her explain who she is to others. You did a fabulous job explaining details that are important in who they are. We love your book!

By lyndsey foster
Mar 29, 2015
Super book! Highly recommend to any tof child/adult or non tofs, cant put it down ☺ love love love it